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Dear Ann,
We want to tell you that we really enjoyed attending your Canine Good Citizen training class with our dogs Rosie and Scooter. The class was well organized and helped us really bond with our dogs in the proper sense; that we are the pack leaders. Your class was also a lot of fun due to your firm, yet relaxed control of the curriculum, your knowledge of dogs, and your great sense of humor. We were so gratified that by following your training tips, both Rosie and Scooter easily passed all the tests required to be granted the title of Canine Good Citizen!
Since shortly after graduation, Rosie and Scooter have been volunteering as therapy dogs at an assisted living facility near our residence. Both dogs really took to this type of activity and they, as well as the residents, look forward to each visit with much anticipation. Little did we know at the time we took your class that not only our lives but the lives of so many other people would be so enriched!

~Marian and Steve (and Rosie and Scooter) 

Yesterday marked 2 years since Maxx joined our family. He has such an amazing heart and gives us so much love. We are so lucky and grateful for the help of Thunder Puppy University for all the hard work and care they gave Maxx before he became a "Wyatt". The intention was for him to be Marcus' dog but he is definitely my baby! —Heather and Marcus Wyatt.

    Thank you for your dedication to my family’s happiness. As you know our Husky Willow, and Akita Maddie are Lindsay’s and my “children”; we want nothing more than for them to live happy, playful lives free of stress and aggression. I completely believe that you are responsible for changing my wife’s and my thinking, attitude, and behavior, for the better, in regard to owning and raising well behaved dogs and being good dog owners. 
     During our initial phone call, when I informed you of the aggressive behavior my dogs had started to show towards each other, you were able to give me assurance that no canine handler/trainer was able to provide (they thought that a husky is too stubborn and an Akita too aggressive to fix). Here I had a 6 month old Akita puppy and a 7 year old husky that no longer could be together unsupervised without us coming home to a furry bloody mess; but you assured me that you are capable of addressing and solving any dog issue and you have completely surpassed my expectations in what I believed could be done. With a combination of pack therapy for Maddie, and what I would call dog ownership 101, you transformed my house, my home from a place of uncertainty, and unsure energy, into a place with absolute positive energy and no question of who the alphas were. Thank you for that.
  At the peak of our family’s turmoil, the horrendous thought of, “are we going to have to give Maddie up” crossed Lindsay’s and my mind. The thought alone still makes me upset, but you gave us hope, and informed us that it was our attitudes and our behavior that needed some help as well. Your candid attitude and ability to get to the root of a problem is commendable and I thank you for calling me out and addressing my mediocre behavior when you saw it as a problem for our dogs. Thank you for teaching Lindsay and I how to be the Masters of our home.
   It is now 6 months after both of the dogs passed their Canine Good Citizen test, thanks to your class. By implementing and maintaining the habits that you taught us, we have not had one incident or even a close call with the dogs. They pass each other in close quarters without a second glance, they give each other space at the water bowls and it seems as if they know what would upset the other and then avoid that action. It is simply unbelievable. Thank you for helping us. Thank you for making it possible to keep both our dogs. We are so lucky and grateful to have a person like you in our life. Thank you for making our home peaceful and calm. Thank you for changing our life.
We are forever grateful,
Tommy, Lindsay, Willow and Maddie Burden

     Success and Inspiration!

 We couldn't be more honored to serve these special people and their dogs!  Our most heartfelt thanks to all of you for supporting TPU, Ann and The Pack!

Absolutely the BEST education for a growing relationship between you and your dog! have my vote every single time! I have told several people about you that are having issues with their dogs. If it weren’t for you, I probably would have taken my precious Cocoa Puff to the pound and regretted it forever, but you instilled the confidence and knowledge in me that was necessary for the special needs of my Husky. Now she and I are happier than ever and the balance which was desperately needed, has once again been restored to our home. I will forever thank you for the gift that you have given me and the things you taught me. EVERYTHING that you taught me I use on a daily basis and I've seen the difference in my dog and in myself. Thank you very much for everything.

Brandi S.  & "The Puff "

"Hi, I have known Ann now for many years. I knew "of" her long before I started working with her. I wish I had started working with her the minute I met her!   Ann is amazing, and her philosophies are right on the "snout"! Her methods work. She is extremely knowledgeable on any and all behavioral or psychological problems and questions you may have. In fact, she is now the only person I trust with my dog. Simply said, look no further because Ann is the best!
Sincerely, Dara & Inspira

I have seen Ann work miracles with any dog that comes in to her program. My faith in Ann's understanding of dog behavior is such that I asked her to choose my dog, Angel, for me. She did -and it is a match made in heaven.
                                                     ~Mireya & Angel 

"Amazing morning with Ann as her recent photos with the small dogs shows. These dogs and their humans were all afraid of each other. With our wonderful guidance we can now all get along. Thank you and what a difference you made for us." Johanna Miller 09/15 2014

I just took the dogs on the fourth or fifth walk this week... MY OH MY!
    It is truly a joy and a privilege to have had you work with them, and THEY are a joy and a privilege to walk with now!   It makes me so happy to know that I am part of their everyday health, and that they are part of my everyday routine as well...
    I can't THANK YOU enough for your love and care of dogs in general, and Huskies in particular.  No one has ever quite understood the challenges of these beautiful babies before- the way YOU did, and I am so blessed to know you and have my dogs meet you and work with you. :)  Thank you for all you do to make Huskies good public citizens!  Cheers,

                                                                    Cynthia D. & Venus and Isis

I would just like to say that you are an inspiration to those

who are rescuing/adopting for the first time. You put us at ease,

handled the introductions so well and made us feel so proud and special

to have been given the privilege to bring home our sweet boy. He has been nothing

but a joy to us and we have been so fortunate to be able to stay in touch with you. Your passion for your work is very obvious in the energy you exude. Any organization that works with Snow Dogs would be fortunate to have your experience and expertise!   Ann Knows Huskies!                                      
                                                                                                       Vivian and Wayne B.  & Diego and Diablo

    Doug has added so much to the quality of my life that words
 can't even begin to describe it.  
  I have never had such an obedient dog before.  I don't know how Doug was before you began working with him, BUT he is THE most incredible dog! 
    Doug goes to work with me everyday (and everywhere else for that matter).
    I have about 20-30 people a day that come into my store and he greets  every one of them, putting a smile on each and every face! 
    Thank you Sooo much! 
    You and Thunder Puppy University ROCK!!
Rocky T."