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This is what we do and why we do it:

Arrow: pre-government seizure December 2013

AbraCadaBra: same girl and Permanent Pack Member in November of 2014

Abby the day we met in 2011



Ann McDonald ~President               Sheri Stubbs  -Secretary                  Judy Jackson~Chairperson

Anne Murphy~Director

Kate Allen~Treasurer

Tim Younger~Director

Frank Murphy~Director


Board of Directors

Rehabilitating at-risk canines with positive enhancement, Dog Psychology and Pack Therapy , helping them  navigate through their transitions into Forever Homes,  while providing the highest  education for  a growing relationship between dogs and the people who love them.

Operating under one cloud as Thunder Puppy University, we had rehabilitated and rehomed 39 dogs (seen in video above) by New Year's Day 2013.  Since then we have added 55 more to that number and, for the most part, have done it out of our own pockets. Because of the great needs of dogs in peril, our non-profit,  THUNDER PUPPY K9 REHABILITATION AND REHOMING was born in November of 2014.  This is where we get to continue to help save more dogs and watch those dogs tirelessly enrich the lives of their humans and future FurEver Homes. While we specialize in Northern Breeds, we have not entirely been exclusive.  As of August 2016, we are returning to our roots and sticking to Snow Dogs and Snow Dog mixes. Look  on the ADOPT! page and see the special K9s currently in our care  looking for their final loving families! 

photo courtesy of Jacob Lacey

Arrow in our Training and Foster Care Program, dreaming of his Forever Home.   March 2015

Arrow with TPK9RR. Making progress with his psychological rehabilitation.  Summer of 2014

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Thunder Puppy K9 Rehabilitation and Rehoming is a Non-Profit 501c3 Organization

    People Training For Dogs         K9 Behavioral Rehabilitation

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