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Absolutely the BEST education for a growing relationship between you and your dog!

Zeus and his village

                                                                  Home Visit/Private Session
                 Very popular and totally productive, Thunder Puppy comes to you!  Many

people are well along the way to achieving their goals with their canine best buddies, but may still need instruction in a few areas in the home environment or help with tweaking a few problem behaviors.  An at home  ‘crash course’ in Dog Psychology,  Ann and TPU will visit your environment and implement a specific remedy based on the trouble you may be experiencing. All behaviors are fair game- fence fighting, excessive barking, neighborhood walks, counter surfing, door dashing, and more.   Or, if you and your family would  just  like few pointers,  a check up or tune up- this is the service you are looking for!
                                                                                   Two hour sessions by appointment.

                                     At Your Service!
Everything from classes, personal and private training, to a complete rehabilitation program- there is something here for everybody!

Thunder Puppy University
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Thunder Puppy University is THE BEST dog training

experience in Colorado... it's not just about sit and stay,

we want to enjoy building a positive,

loving relationship with your dog.

Whatever the K9 issue, we have a solution!

Pet- Sitting for established clients and Siberian Huskies!   Call and reserve  early for all Holidays!  *     Box 7480 Golden, Colorado 80403  *       303.898.4238


Canine Obedience One
Learning to Love Living With Your Dog

New puppy, existing adolescent, long time or newly acquired adult/rescue dog, this course empowers the dog owner with all the necessary knowledge and basic skills for peaceful co-existence with your canine companion.

Extremely fun atmosphere with group participation, subjects studied are: elementary commands and proficiency with skills such as walking on a loose lead, stop, sit, stay, down, wait, watch, and coming when called. Also covered, customized and humane training equipment to fit your individual needs and personalized attention to each handler’s desired goals with their pet.

Other topics discussed by necessity include: housebreaking, play-biting, jumping, crate training, avoiding aggression, distractions, and Leadership- as well as addressing simple behavior modification on a case-by-case basis. Homework assigned each week to constructively reinforce and practice abilities demonstrated in class. Joyful, safe and supervised off leash play following most lessons.

Great introduction to Dog Psychology, a leeway to further training or just as a stand alone, this course is a ‘must have’ for anyone who loves dogs. Children over six encouraged -the family is welcome!

8-9 week course 1.5 hour class
Classes are held at Two Paws Up Kennel in Arvada (72nd & Kipling). 

**See the Events and Updates page for the next session. Reserve a spot early- classes are kept relatively small to

accommodate individual consideration.


Stay and Train!

Easily the best and fastest track to having the dog that you want, no other dog training or behavior modification program offers or delivers the services and results that Thunder Puppy University’s  Stay and Train!  achieves.

Based and structured in pure Dog Psychology, your K9 buddy is put directly into the Formula of Dog Training. Organized daily walks in a mountain setting, individually worked with to meet each dog’s needs, and socialized in group with the unique and balanced Thunder Puppy Pack, your dog will return to you improved to such a degree that you may not even recognize him through his behavior!
This curriculum is highly effective when a problem arises in the canine/human relationship, and addresses everything from dominance to dog aggression, or simply sets dog and owner up- without frustration- for an immediate, more relaxed way of life- teaching basics and more.
Your pets stay with The Pack at our beautiful "campus" just 15 minutes up Coal Creek Canyon.  The property was bought soley for the dogs and fenced and modified for their personal comfort and safety.  There hasn't been a dog who has hated it yet!  The campus doubles as the trainer’s personal home to insure that they keep in touch with not only the consistency of training, but the domestic environment as well. Someone is almost always on the property attending to their needs and they are never locked in a building overnight with no one around. 

Highly valuable, proven extremely successful, this program is offered at an unheard of ’blanket’ fee. Most dogs are home-ready in seven to ten days, yet once Fido or Fifi has been accepted into the program, only your dog’s best interest is kept at heart. You will never be told that your dog “flunked out” or is not trainable- even if it takes a little extra time.

Includes one entrance interview and a two hour exit instruction where the family is empowered with the knowledge necessary to retain and continue with the education the dog has received.

Consultations recommended.
***Stay and Train!  is also a great vacation for your dog should you find yourself traveling or away from home for a lengthy period of time. Maintaining or improving skills, keeping social and busy, it’s a great alternative to boarding your pet without any activities, or paying extra fees.

 Obedience Two-               
Canine Good Citizen Certification/ American Kennel Club          

The next step in obedience training and bonding for you and your dog, this course begins and concludes with the 10 tests required to certify your dog as a Canine Good Citizen with AKC. These basic tests are designed to amplify your pet’s ability to live peacefully and cooperatively in our modern society and include: accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting, appearance and grooming, out for a walk and walking through a crowd, sit, down, staying at a distance, coming when called, the “other” dog, reactions to distractions, and supervised separation.
Based on the dog’s initial testing results, instruction is focused on the areas needing the most attention in a fun, relaxed environment.  CGC takes you and your dog one degree closer to enjoyable training and interaction, propelling you toward whatever you desire and require to continue developing that unique and special connection. Post-graduation field trip to a nearby nursing home is included.

Many homeowner’s insurance carriers and landlords respect and consider a dog’s CGC certification, offering discounts and special allowances to stronger breed dogs.

6 -7 week course, 1 to 1.5 hour sessions.

***You do not have to take this class to acquire your AKC CGC certification.  If you and your dog are ready to pass the 10 steps, you merely need to join or schedule a testing.