Thunder Puppy University

Absolutely the BEST available education for a growing relationship                      between YOU and your DOG!

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Welcome to Thunder Puppy University!

We are excited that you’re here and look forward to working with you and your dogs!

Do you absolutely love your dog, but not necessarily some of his behavior? Are you having trouble teaching him to walk on a leash, do basic obedience, act politely around company, or control himself in the home environment? More seriously, are you experiencing dog aggression, biting, or worse?

                                                         WE CAN HELP!

Thunder Puppy University offers everything from beginning to advanced Training Classes, Home Visits, a Stay and Train program, and exclusively- Canine Pack Therapy.

TPU will be happy to help you cure any type of undesirable canine conduct, or personalize a training plan to simply get you and your pet on the right track to the balanced relationship that nature intended you to enjoy.

Thunder Puppy's method of rehabilitation and guidance is based in Dog Psychology. How does your dog think? What does she truly need? How can we "talk" our dogs in a language they will understand? Mixing this with positive reinforcement, kindness and patience, there are virtually no limits to what we can accomplish with our dogs.

When you adore and are devoted to someone, proper communication and fulfilling each other’s needs become a priority. Thunder Puppy University wants to help enhance the lives of your canine friends by giving you the key to unlock your potential- truly Learning to Love, Living with Your Dog.

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