If you’re anything like us, you want to have an incredible connection with your dogs. You love them like a member of the family.  But as with

any relationship, sometimes

a problem may arise. 

How do we talk to our dogs

in a language they understand? 

Where do we get the skills necessary to correct what has gone awry? Thunder Puppy University provides the absolute BEST education for a growing relationship with your dog!  Whatever issue you and your canine soul mate may be having-OR IF YOU JUST WANT TO HAVE MORE FUN TOGETHER- we can help! 

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Thunder Puppy University

Absolutely the BEST education for a growing relationship between you and your dog.​

Canine Good Citizen

Dog Psychology 101

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Rehabilitating at-risk canines with positive enhancement, Dog Psychology, and Pack Therapy while providing absolutely the best education for a growing relationship between dogs and the people who love them.

Our Mission


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